15 May 2024

Fintel launches industry first connected tech and workflow platform; Fintel IQ

Fintel IQ has broken new ground in the provision of technology and workflow solutions for the intermediary advice market. The Fintel IQ platform creates an efficient advice process through the seamless flow of data and workflow. It has been designed specifically to help large intermediary businesses with over 100 advisers manage their advice and regulatory workflows through a single connected technology platform.

Research has shown that advisers use, on average, nine pieces of software as part of their advice process, each with separate log in details, billing, and support. These complexities can result in advisers spending less time advising their clients, leading to inefficiency and a lack of quality data. Additionally, the client journey is disrupted if workflows are disjointed, and advisers waste valuable time rekeying information to connect these systems together. Fintel IQ aims to remove these issues through the combination of its leading software providers.

Fintel Joint CEO, Neil Stevens, commented:

“Advice businesses, and particularly those with a large number of advisers, use lots of different technology and workflow solutions on a daily basis. This leads to enormous inefficiencies and makes it very difficult for them to own and control a consistent client journey. Many large adviser businesses also struggle with the inconsistency of approach and user interfaces throughout their software stack. The aim of Fintel IQ is to connect the sectors leading technology solutions, each of which are best of breed in their own right, to optimise software and data for large advice businesses.

“Fintel IQ brings together market leading technology and insight providers, including Intelligent Office, Plannr, Defaqto, VouchedFor, Competent Adviser, Synaptic, ifaDASH, APS, and Owen James into a modular, connected platform, enabling large and progressive advice firms to run and scale their businesses more effectively. Fintel IQ creates a custom, scalable advice platform through two-way API integrations with the best technology solutions in the sector, creating operational efficiencies, centralising data, and improving advice outcomes.

“We are breaking new ground, and our focus is on connecting best of breed technology rather than building a single solution. We believe in open technology collaboration and integration for the benefit of advisers and their clients. Our mission is to build simple and integrated financial technology that increases the accessibility of financial services and upgrades the financial planning experience.”

Kyle Augustin, formerly COO of Fintel and MD of SimplyBiz, has been announced as Fintel IQ CEO, whilst Ben Rogers, previously MD of Synaptic Software, has joined as COO of Fintel IQ.  Wendy Dines, who has previously held senior roles at Time4Advice and Intelliflo, has taken the position of Director of Technology Distribution.  

Kyle Augustin added:

“We believe that everyone should have access to professional advice, and Fintel IQ exists to build simple to use, connected technology, that increases the accessibility of financial services.  Combining leading fintech, unrivalled insights, and expertise, our modular, connected platform supports large advice firms to operate effectively and grow quickly. Our platform will help business leaders with centralised data and MI, ensuring better outcomes consistent with Consumer Duty as well as uncovering more commercial opportunities.”

Notes for editors:

Fintel IQ is a customisable, connected technology and workflow platform developed through two-way API integrations with the best technology solutions in the sector. Creating operational efficiencies, centralising data, and improving advice outcomes, Fintel IQ enables progressive financial professionals to operate and scale their businesses more effectively. 

Laura Edwards, Head of PR and Communications – 07584 315969 or l.edwards@simplybiz.co.uk

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