Significant Shareholders

As at 31 December 2021, the Board had been formally notified of the following interests representing 3% or more of the Company's issued share capital.

Shareholders per latest publically available information Ordinary shares % holding
Ken Davy* 26,137,774 25..41%
Liontrust Asset Management 11,825,711 11.49%
Gresham House Asset Management 9,097,574 8.84%
FIL Investments International 6,821,599 6.63%
Slater Investments 5,936,661 5.77%
Schroder Investment Management 4,221,964 3.84%
Franklin Templeton Investments 3,947,072 4.06%
Matt Timmins** 3,723,213 3.62%
Neil Stevens 3,707,436 3.60%

* Includes all shares held in Trusts managed by Ken Davy and estates where Ken Davy is the sole executor and beneficiary
** Includes shares held by Austin Timmins, a person closely associated to Matt Timmins 

The number of shares in issue is 102,878,830 shares of 1p

As from 31 December 2021, 44.20% of securities were not in public hands

Fintel plc shares are traded on the AIM of the London Stock Exchange

Last update 31 December 2021