Our Purpose and Culture

We exist to inspire better outcomes by enabling retail financial services to operate more effectively.

Our people are the driving force behind our purpose, and we believe that a strong culture is fundamental to our shared prosperity and sustainable growth.

Our Cultural Framework

We believe in a strong ethical and values driven culture, defined by our cultural framework which outlines our purpose, our approach, our values and our shared traits. It supports our decision making and is embedded in our operations and behaviours, ensuring we continue to prosper and inspire better outcomes for all.



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Inspiring Better Outcomes

"We are passionate about listening to the views of our people to  create an environment where everyone can thrive. Embracing employee feedback is a fundamental part of our culture and we’re very proud to have this recognised via our Best Companies achievement."

People and Operations Director

Inspiring Better Outcomes - Emily Blain


Our Purpose

As the UK’s leading fintech and support services business, we are the connecting force within retail financial services, inspiring better outcomes that benefit everyone from product providers to intermediaries to consumers.

By simplifying and supporting the complex financial services world through technology, people and insights, we create outcomes that leave everyone better off.

It’s our defining purpose as a business, shared across our people, our culture and our family of brands.

By continuously developing our services, our technology and our team, we deliver the solutions the market needs to evolve, shaping a better industry and a better financial future for all.


Our Strategy

We empower product providers, intermediaries and consumers by giving them the tools, knowledge and insights to make better informed financial decisions.


Our Strategic Framework

Our Strategic Framework Our Strategic Framework



Our core values underpin our shared traits and approach. It is harnessing our market-leading knowledge, influence and excellence, that we simplify complexity, think bigger and remain future-focussed for our clients.


Knowledge - Our core values


We take the challenges our customers face and transform them into effective, relevant solutions which benefit everyone.

Influence - Our core values


We use our intelligence, awareness and experience to connect our clients with their customers and shape a better financial future.

Excellence - Our core values


We demand more of ourselves than our clients and ensure that our people and technology solutions are always the best available.

Simplify Compexity - Our core values

Simplify Complexity

We understand the complicated nature of the financial world and help everyone create clear paths towards better outcomes.

Think Bigger - Our core values

Think Bigger

We constantly explore new ideas with the interests of our clients and their customers at heart. Focusing through their lens inspires our thinking.

Future-Focussed - Our core values


We think ahead, rise to new challenges and break down future barriers to success. Our intuition helps clients maximise opportunities.




Our organisational DNA defines the behaviours we share and encourage each day to help us achieve our purpose, whilst ensuring an engaging and inclusive environment for everyone to thrive.

Focussed - Our Behaviours


We never lose sight of what’s important and always look forward with clarity. It’s what enables us to continuously grow stronger and achieve our goals whilst remaining focused on everyone we serve.

Passionate - Our Behaviours


Our passion and energy fuels our drive to work hard, push limits and move fast for our clients. We love nothing more than lacing up our trainers to keep our clients up to speed and ahead of the curve in their markets.

Grounded - Our Behaviours


We never get carried away with our own triumphs. We owe our success to the market that we serve, so continuing to do so to the best of our ability is how we express our pride.

Positive - Our Behaviours


We’re fired up by challenges and believe in our ability to go beyond expectation. It’s a can-do attitude that’s helped us deliver an ever-widening range of positive solutions and outcomes to an ever-growing audience of financial providers and advisers.

Inclusive - Our Behaviours


We know diversity of thought, opinion, skills and experience makes us a richer and more vibrant place to work. When people feel empowered to be the most authentic version of themselves, they become happier, more innovative and more productive. We welcome diversity and celebrate individuality.



Supportive - Our Behaviours


As natural team players who respect others’ goals, we remain equally dedicated to the needs of our advisers, partners, investors and colleagues. We make the most of being at the centre of it all, providing stable foundations for everyone to prosper in the financial future.