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We are committed to driving positive change in our business, our industry and broader communities, inspiring better outcomes for all.

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ESG Report 2022

ESG Report 2022

Fintel's ESG Strategy

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Our Approach

Led by our purpose to inspire better outcomes within Retail Financial Services, in 2021 we assessed the environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) factors that are relevant to our business, considering our impacts, market trends, growth ambitions and the views of our key stakeholders.

The result is a strategy, bespoke to Fintel, that will drive engagement, improve returns for shareholders and deliver positive change in our business, our industry and broader communities, inspiring better outcomes for all.

We are delighted to be shortlisted as an "ESG Initiative of the Year" award finalist at ICA Compliance Awards in 2023.


ICA ESG Initiative of the year

Comprehensive Materiality Assessment

Stakeholder engagement is crucial to the long-term success and sustainability of our business, which is why a consultation with our key stakeholders was a vital step in defining our ESG strategy.

In 2021 we engaged our Member and Client Firms, strategic partners, colleagues, investors and suppliers to help us prioritise our ESG strategy over the next three years. The resulting scores have been plotted within our materiality matrix, as seen below.

This assessment will be refreshed regularly, with the next review scheduled for 2025.

ESG Accountability

To fully embed the principles of ESG across Fintel we have developed an enhanced governance structure that will help us drive positive change.

Responsibility for the overall ESG strategy lays with our Joint CEO Matt Timmins, with direct input and oversight from the Board of Directors. We have also appointed a central ESG team, providing strategic direction and guidance to implement our Better Outcomes Plan across the business.

In 2022 we formed an ESG and Wellbeing Committee, chaired by our Senior Independent Non-Executive Director Imogen Joss. This direct oversight from a Board-level Committee will help us to fully integrate ESG principles within all operations and ensure that the ESG strategy remains consistent with the Company’s purpose, culture and values whilst supporting our strategic ambitions and long-term sustainable success.



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ESG Report 2022
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Driving positive change in our business, our industry and broader communities, inspiring better outcomes for all.