Building An Inclusive Culture

We believe that a supportive and inclusive culture is key to our success as individuals and an organisation, and we recognise that people from diverse backgrounds and experiences bring valuable contributions and perspectives.

These values are built into our organisational DNA, underpinning our approach and our culture, and we consistently monitor and reinforce them.

Our approach includes:

  • Ensuring that we recruit, develop and promote people for their aptitude, skills, experience and ability.
  • Mandatory annual diversity, equality, and unconscious bias training for all our colleagues.
  • “Inclusive” behaviour built into the performance review, rating and reward process.
  • Perceived inclusivity being monitored across the business via regular pulse surveys.
  • An employee induction programme and culture guide, helping new colleagues to feel like a part of the team from day one.
  • A flexible working promise and dress for the right mindset approach, allowing our people to customise their work routines to balance their work and personal lives and feel comfortable and authentic at work.
  • Enhanced family policy entitlements, including maternity leave and paternity leave, as well as new modern paid policies such as menopause, fertility leave and pregnancy loss.


is how our colleagues rate our level of inclusivity and equality

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