Governance and accountability

Strong governance is a key enabler of our strategy, and the Board ensures continual improvement of processes, controls and risk management to ensure our governance framework remains fit for purpose. This includes:

  • Ensuring that the Company is managed for the benefit of all its stakeholders, by promoting a strong, ethical and values-driven culture and providing effective leadership and direction to the business.
  • Full oversight of the Company budget, including rigorous quarterly revaluation process to provide clear view of the Company’s performance throughout the year.
  • Regular review of our growth ambitions and strategic progress.
  • Having ultimate responsibility and oversight of the system of internal controls, which include risk assessments, processes, policies and organisational structures.

The Board is supported by four committees, details of which are outlined within the Directors' Responsibilities section.

We continue to adopt the Quoted Companies Alliance ("QCA") Corporate Governance Code, which is deemed to be the most suitable governance framework for Fintel, aligned to our strategy, size, nature of business and resources. You can find out more here.

You can learn more about our approach to corporate governance by reading Corporate Governance report section of the Annual Report and Accounts.

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